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This is a list of finishing products that bona has to offer. Each kind has different strengths, applications, and sheens. We will talk to you about all the options to make sure we select the right finish for you and your home.

The main question that is often asked is, WATERBASED vs OILBASED finishes. Which one is better?
In years past the only way to go was with oil based products. This was because they were used and trusted for so many years, they do have a good reputation and are durable.

New technology brings new products that come with a lot of benefits. Waterbased finishes were often accused of not being as durable as oil, and certain brands are definitely not as good of a product to use. Bona’s waterbased finishes however are very different. They provide a harder finish than oil giving you a floor that will last a lot longer. The Taber Abraser Grit Feed test is the most commonly accepted standand lab test for durability, evaluating the resistance of a material to abrasion. For hardwood floors, this equates to evaluating wear.

As you can see bona’s waterbased finishes out perform anytype of oilbased product including Bona’s own oilbased finish. Although we highly recommend the use of waterbased finishes we will use oilbased at the customer’s request.

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